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Maria Yousefi

Maria has been engaged in art and art education for  around 25 years, she is participating in group and solo exhibitions in Iran and Australia.

"Born to a land with rich history and culture, but inharmonious conditions, is coupled with

tensions for artists and intellectuals. Works of culture and art are inevitably the products of this land, characterised by complex dynamics”.  

Expressions by Maria’s naturally enquiring mind were enhanced by study of criticism, philosophy and the history of arts and by her career in journalism that included critiques on visual art works for newspapers and magazines.

For me art is the constant marvel of search and discover, the creation of movement within life.  It is inspired by the dynamic images found through the life’s journey. Anything can be the subject for a new work; it is the principal of uncovering a unique perspective within my mental space, from what is around us.

t is my creed that the idea and the subject of each work influences the way in which it is accomplished; and that painting is a gateway to discover the concepts of existence and balance – life and death, light and dark, movement and tranquillity, and so on. For me, painting is simply a blissful sentiment of creation and life.


Mankind has always sought to overcome death, and this is only achieved through art. Art is like immobilizing a moment in time, a moment that is ought to pass, but becomes immortal.


Whilst pondering and creating a piece of work, changes can happen in the character and style of its creator. It is an individual’s thoughts and views that determine the style and format of the work and as this attitude changes over the passage of time, so does the style.


In the future, I would like to create spaces and concepts that engage the mind and emotions of human’s interaction. It is the paradox of pain and enjoyment, life and death, freedom and commitment, the full gamut of human experience from which to draw.


The technique of my work is determined by my subject and the impression. It can be oil, acrylic or mixed media depending on the modes that best suits the composition and expression of my creation. Although the style of work varies upon my understanding and the framework from which I am working on, I am more inclined towards minimalism.


My art is a declaration of the time in which we live in, and its relationship with our living space. My goal is to create balanced spaces in terms of image. Although not a narrative, each piece has a story linked within the outline of the environment. It is a game for me to search life with sensitivity, and to challenge my addressee to look at our surrounds through my window, and to be inspired by it.

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